<aside> 🚨 Page was last updated on 6/May/2021 and we are no longer actively updating these resources. Information maybe outdated. Page was originally hosted on NagpurFightsCovid.in and moved to https://tripad.notion.site/Nagpur-Fights-COVID-19-ee43494ec49c42b1ac317a52e4bc7add β€” This site was made possible efforts by a group of awesome folks who came together for the cause and devoted a lot of time finding and updating resources. Thank you Shristy, Shruti, Divya, Abhijeet, Akash, Devika, Vaibhav, Ankit :)


<aside> πŸ‘‹ This is a volunteer-made, crowdsourced collection of various COVID-19 resources for Nagpur. Resources marked with β†’ βœ… are verified by our team. We are also on Instagram & Twitter


Food & Other Delivery Services

Tiffin & Food Delivery

30+ Home kitchens and catering services providing homely and patient-friendly food. πŸ“…Last Updated : 6 May

Medical and Patient Resources

Ambulance Services

Verified, 24/7 Ambulance Services in Nagpur

πŸ“… Last Updated : 27 Apr

Pathology Labs

List of 70+ Path Labs in Nagpur. We are in the process of verifying test availability and other details

πŸ“… Last Updated : 28 Apr

Radiology & Scanning Centers

List of Scanning Centers in Nagpur.

πŸ“… Last Updated : 28 Apr

NGOs & Volunteer Groups

List of NGOs and grass root organizations currently active.

πŸ“… Last Updated : 27 Apr

Other Awesome Resources

Awesome folks curating awesome COVID19 Resources

Incomplete Lists

Vaccination Centres

NMC & Govt. COVID-19 Test Centers

COVID-19 Helplines

Call For Volunteers

Pets Related Resources

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